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Mobile Testing Services

Mobile technology is ubiquitous, and your customers demand nothing less than unblemished performance. Mobile devices have become a game-changer in the technology world because of rapid pace of innovation. And corporate enterprises have struggled to keep pace with the rapidly changing mobile landscape.

We provide outsourced mobile testing services covering automation, performance,quality & security testing of mobile applications/apps.

Our testing services include support for the following:

  • Mobile Platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPAD, Android smartphone and tablets, Amazon Kindle, etc.)
  • Mobile Applications (Native, Hybrid, Web Responsive)

Web Application Testing

We take web apps as inputs and produce test coverage as outputs. You will love it
Although web has been there for a long time now, testing web applications remain challenge. A challenge is good, we are not complaining.

Multiple browser/cross browser

Web applications are exposed to the World. With the growing number of browsers and browser versions each day, wouldn’t you prefer to know what browsers / versions your application supports? If they don’t, wouldn’t you at least want to inform your customers/users what is not supported on a particular platform?

Though it is a subjective decision on whether to limit end users to a certain set of browsers, browser compatibility tests certify that your application works the way it is designed to work on these platforms. iQualiSys automated testing procedures ensure just that. By testing all of your pages on various browsers and browser versions, we tell you exactly where the flaws are, while also finding out areas in your GUI that do not conform to global standards.

We have the capability to test your product on different platforms simultaneously using self executing scripts. Whether we do it on environments in-house or whether we run the tests on cloud, you are guaranteed quick and precise results. If you already have compatibility tests defined but are not satisfied with the results they produce, we can still get your browser compatibility automation back on track with our contemporary automation strategies.

Are you looking beyond mere GUI tests for compatibility? We can help with that as well. Our automation horizons don’t just cover cross browser GUI tests for your products; we also create scripts that test the application’s functionality across different browsers and environments.


Any test artefact is an asset. Its creation involves time and energy and therefore investment. While more test cases provide better coverage they also involve significant investment. In an ever changing world of software it also involves additional investment to maintain test cases. An intelligent test design involves optimizing these constraints and opportunities.

In iQualiSys we have the expertise to decide what must be documented and what should be left to the judgement of trained test engineers. Also the design of the test cases is such that it is easy to maintain in case the Use Cases change.

Finally test case is not an end itself. It is a means to execute tests. A speedier and more frequent execution is guaranteed by automation. All our test cases are test automation compliant on different automation platforms.

Agile testing

Traditional testing methodologies were not only document intensive, but they also failed to provide parallel feedback to development about incremental builds. The procedure followed in the Waterfall model was to design, build, analyze, document, test and then identify defects. This pushed the critical phase of identifying defects too downstream in the process.

Agile methods are more oriented towards preventing defects. Here, the onus is to test small, test incrementally and test quick. Human intervention is utilized for understanding requirements, business rules and other creative activities while test execution is taken care of by automation.

In a well maintained Agile process, every sprint is an abbreviated Software Development Life Cycle process in itself. Here, the requirements need not be well documented. More interaction is required between the various teams involved to understand, brainstorm, implement & test features. At iQualiSys, we understand this process better and can bring into any team, the sort of adaptability that Agile demands.

Test automation

Test automation was traditionally thought of as automating manual tasks once they were frozen. We have moved far away from this static world. In a world where changes occur every moment and change is regarded as agent for improvement, the philosophy of test automation needs to honor and adapt to this new reality. In iQualiSys we understand this better.

Our model of automation encourages automation to begin in parallel with development. Automation tests different layers of software, be it back end, the code or the UI thereby giving feedback on different aspects of quality. It does not merely convert manual test cases into self-executable scripts. It seeks to achieve manually impossible testing tasks without human intervention. As we consider software change as an improvement evolutionary step we welcome it and build change management into our automation architecture.

We do not just create scripts. We build the complete test ecosystem to trigger the execution of scripts. The result is higher test coverage, more frequent and faster execution and feedback.

While standard off the shelf automation tools have many strengths, they also have limitations to handle special technical or domain needs. Sometimes their capabilities have to be extended by custom scripting. Sometimes custom scripts have to be developed from the scratch to take care of automation.

Not in all situations can a single automation tool be employed to automate a full scenario or a feature in particular. Many a time, we have utilized the help of multiple tools to accomplish automation tasks that otherwise, would have resulted in partial automation.

Automation is not merely an act of substituting manual testing with script driven test execution. Sometimes it is warranted by the fact that manual testing is not viable in certain scenario. We at iQualiSys have experience in identifying and developing automation scripts for such testing needs.

You need to release applications/updates real quick. Period.

We understand this, which is why our testing efforts are aimed at meeting your need to test quick with maximum coverage. We do this by using the optimum combination of automation as well as manual testing. We automate only what needs to be automated and what delivers you the results you need to keep yourselves a step ahead.

Automation allows you to test quicker - test those elements that computers can, quicker and better. We know exactly what should be automated so that you can go to market quicker, release updates on time and always stay well ahead of your competition!

We don’t look at automation as a bid to reduce our effort by automating everything we can see. We automate to increase the value offered by your application to your users.

Desktop app

Desktop work stations host a variety of complex applications and server side Software when compared to Mobile and other portable systems. Most times, testing desktop application Software calls for frequent switches between operating systems, platforms and environments. iQualiSys’s access to the latest Software and updates combined with effective virtualization techniques rapidly facilitate this. We possess many years of extensive experience with Windows servers and have handled projects that involve testing of in-depth system side configuration settings.

While tools like Selenium are being extensively used to automate Web based applications, there is not one particular tool that stands out when it comes to automating desktop applications. At iQualiSys, we have the experience of evaluating many automation tools, so we can help you with the right tools and the right solutions to automate your desktop based or smart client systems. Even simple solutions like macros and VBScript have been used to automate functionality for desktop based applications. Several automation solutions and tools that we have used for desktop applications have been employed to script web based products as well.

Game testing

Welcome to the family of Game testers! Though it might sound melodious, but when you are being paid for playing at work, you better know the stakes are high. iQualiSys has a competent team of testers focusing on game testing. There is a notion that being an avid gamer might qualify you as an eligible candidate for a game tester as well. This isn't always true. So because, when you are testing the game, you'll have to put in long hours playing the same game, missions, and levels over and over again from different angles with the intent to uncover maximum defects. Our testers are hardcore gamers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies.

It is always a good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you prepare your bug report. At iQualiSys we provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about the project progress.

Types of games tested

  • Online Games
  • Video games
  • Console Games
  • Mobile/hand-held games

Nature of Games

  • Skill games
  • War Games
  • Educational games
  • Racing games
  • Real Time Strategy games (RTS)
  • Sports games
  • Puzzlers


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iQualiSys is an independent software testing company located in Bangalore, we are a new generation software testing services company providing services ranging from offshore testing, on-site testing, exploratory testing, session based test management, check and test automation & consulting to small, medium and large software organizations across the globe.

  • 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Established in 2014, with less than five testing experts, iQualiSys has grown leaps and bounds and have captured project across countries like UK, UK, Australia, Middleast and other European countries.

  • September 2014

    Our First Automation Project

    Started with our first major long term automation project on Selenium Webdriver tool with a team of 4 Automation testers

  • November 2014

    Game Testing

    Started on the area of Game testing with a team of 3 QA's with a worldwide leading iOS game.

  • January 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    Expanded the team adding few more Game testers and Performance and Web Security testers

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